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TEEN Architect ™ Programme - Level 2

Duration: 60 Hours in in 20 3-Hour Sessions

Studio-based Interactive Learning Environment I Hands-on Creative Exercises I Personalised 1-to-1 Attention I Visual & Spatial Abilities Workshops

“Creativity is central to the management of our individual lives, but in modern times few people are able to access this as a resource”

- Alan Watts

For students and teens, aged 10 and above, we offer the "TEEN Architect TM Programme, the first of its kind in India. Introduced in Chennai, it is conceived and designed to help children & teens unlock their creativity and imparts them with the knowledge and tools to put it to use for problem-solving. They are then provided opportunities to showcase and communicate their Design and further interact with Professional Architects, Artists, Illustrators, Designers &Academicians. It is structured to be a exciting programme for students where learning is based on the "STUDIO" model and involves a lot of interaction and hands-on creative exercises.

In LEVEl 2, this programme is focused on developing design skills using contemporary processes of production. Projects enhance the relationship between building and human scales, deeply rooted in a current social and cultural environment. The program also covers a brief overview of the survey of architectural and urban history from baroque to contemporary moment that covers significant buildings, spaces, artefacts, and theories of modernism.

Design exercises will be on the spatial morphology, leading from conceptual diagrams to a spatial organization. Students will learn to address conceptual concerns with material solutions documented in two and three dimensions. Emphasis will be placed on physical modelling and measured orthographic and axonometric drawings. Design Studio will introduce students to techniques of spatial representation as it relates to architectural design. Students will learn how to communicate using two- and three-dimensional drawings and models.


An Exhibition of students' works takes place on the final day of the program at the institute. Family members and friends are invited to observe the final review and attend the exhibition opening reception.

  • To enhance spatial understanding & cognition of the student
  • To identify & improve creative abilities
  • To open the mind to unconventional & “tangential” ways of thinking, thereby activating the “right-side” of the brain
  • To improve observation skills
  • To impart knowledge of “Elements of Design” & Principles of Design”

To this end, class activities include:

  • Introduction to Design & Architectural Vocabulary
  • Understanding perspectives
  • Orthographic projection of simple objects
  • Modelling workshops
  • Spatial Cognition Workshops & Cognition-based Design Exercises
  • Learning presentation techniques
  • Participating in group and one-on-one instruction led by architects and designers
  • Participating in group reviews and critiques and present your projects to guest designers, critics, and instructors

  • Spatial Understanding & Skills Workshop
  • Field Trip for Sketching Exercises to Landmarks & Places of Heritage
  • Heritage Walk / Virtual Heritage Walk
  • Site Visits to Ongoing Projects
  • Lectures by Eminent Architects / Designers
  • Interactive Architecture Design Studio


This programme is structured around studio based workshops rooted in design challenges, hands-on creative exercises, interactive learning and communication skills to help teens think like Architects / Designers.

[ Please get in touch with our Co-ordinator Ms. Lakshmi - lakshmi@vistasacademy.com or call us at 044 6545 2020 to have the Programme Modules & Programme Schedule mailed to you ]

DESIGN KIT - Included In Programme Fee

  • Dry Colour Crayons - 1 Set
  • Faber Castell Drawing 12 Colour Pencils: 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B
  • Big Size Protractor
  • Faber Castell - 0.5 Pencil
  • Paint Brush - Round: 1, 4, 7 - Flat: 5
  • Paper Cutter
  • Faber Castell Lead No. 5 - 1 2B Lead - 1 Box
  • Hi-fi Fine Liner - 0.5 - 1 Set
  • Set of Scales
  • Compass - 1
  • Measuring Tape - 1
  • Faber Castell - 12 Poster Colours
  • Drawing Templates
  • White Board Marker - 1
  • Cotton Canvas - 1
  • Sketch Pad - 1
  • Square Notebook - 1
  • Mannequin - 1

  • 7.2 MBPS & Wi-Fi
  • Library & Resource Center
  • Drafting Studio
  • Model Making Area
  • Library & Resource Center
  • Computer Lab

  • Ar. KunnakudiSrinivasan (M.Arch., A.I.I.A., F.I.V.) - Chairman IIID - Chennai
  • Mr. Dhakshinamoorthi - Eminent Artist & Illustrator - Chennai
  • Ar. Jinto V George (M.Arch.) - Eminent Architect - Ahmedabad

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