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Digital Architecture - Package 2

Duration: 160 Hours - Part Time

Design-based Interactive Learning I All Computer Aided Tools for Architectural Design in 1 Place I 1-to-1 Training by Architect-Instructors

This programme introduces spatial design students to industry-standard sophisticated soft-ware tools for design visualisation and professional presentation. This is instrumental for creating graphic visuals of designs or ideas. The easiest form of visualisation is through handmade illustrations also called a sketch. Using software, it is possible to generate photo quality realistic illustrations using a process called 3D Rendering. It may be created as a still image, referred to as an illustration, or as an animated video generally referred to as a walkthrough.

This package has been designed maintaining significant focus on the impartation of basic visual assessment and design skills. The training will eventually help the individual in developing a taste for other visual arts as visualisation and presentation skills learnt can be extended to several other industries as well. They include product design, movie animation and corporate presentation.

Design students & graduates, specifically focussing on spatial design can take up this programme to diffenrentiate themselves by enhancing their design skills & employability. It would be instrumental & beneficial to students & graduates of the following design streams

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Visual & Graphic Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Animation & Visualization
  • Product Design

Following industry-standard soft-ware tools for design visualization in a programme structure designed, developed and certified by AUTODESK and professional presentation will be administered to students over a period of 40 Hours for each through design-based lab exercises:

  • Autodesk AUTOCAD 2014 ---------- 40 Hours
  • Autodesk REVIT 2014 ---------------- 40 Hours
  • Autodesk 3D Studio MAX ----------- 40 Hours
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 --------------- 20 Hours
  • Trimble Sketch-up -------------------- 20 Hours

At the end of the pragramme, students should be able to:


  • Draft 2D & work with Layers; Draft 3D, model & edit models using Meshes & Nurbs
  • Use Render Effects to add glows to materials and lights for a photo-realistic output
  • Create a lighting set-up using attenuation, shadow parameters and projector lights
  • Create atmospheres: Daylight systems
  • Use Render Effects to add glows to materials and lights
  • Understand the Mapping Types: using the material / map navigator; using diffuse maps, bump maps, opacity maps, reflection and refraction maps, displacement maps, environment maps
  • Create Compound Materials and Maps and generate coordinates
  • Understand various visual properties of Architecture & Design materials
  • Understand the animation basics: the time slider, time configuration and key framing
  • Create a preview animation and set the output for still and animated images
  • Choose the destination of rendered output with due regard for appropriate compression technologies
  • Understand the uses and applications of 3d computer animations in the fields of architecture, interior design, 3d visualisation and in the media generally


  • Understand basic concept of digital image and formats used in design industries
  • Understand basic concept of rastor & vector graphics and 3D objects
  • Create and setup images in appropriate file format and size for different uses
  • Create presentation images using basic rendering tools of Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Create presentation boards
  • Create presentation diagrams / illustrations / drawings

  • State-of-the-Art Computer Lab
  • 7.2 MBPS & Wi-Fi
  • Library & Resource Center
  • Ambient Lecture Halls

The Autodesk-certified part of the programme is brought to you by our Channel Partner VINZAA CAD (Vinzaas Solutions), the first and foremost Autodesk-certified Training Partner in the Indian Sub-continent.

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