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Fashion Jewelry Design - 1 [ IDJ ]

Duration: 150 Hours - Part Time or Full Time

Art Studio-based Interactive Learning Environment I Personalised 1-to-1 Attention I No Prior Experience Required

The use of thread & wire in jewellery fabrication continues to be popular because of the technique's wide variety of durable styles and methods. Learn professional techniques for knotting with silk or polyester and methods of wire work that include the use of hard and soft wire and chain creation. Go beyond technique and understand how best to match styles with gemstones, organic and man-made materials.

During this introduction to the world of professional fashion jewellery fabrication you will learn not only new techniques and designs, but understand the types of materials as well as why and when they are used; ensuring you make good buying decisions and produce quality, lasting designs.

Jewellery designing as a career is flourishing like never before. This profession is not only rewarding but also available for anyone who has a creative bend of mind. People these days have become very image conscious and the want for jewellery is no more a symbol of financial security but a trendy fashionable wear that can go well with different occasions.

  • Education in jewellery-specific fields provides advancement prospects and many opportunities to participate in special projects that require broad skill-sets or diverse experience. IDJ can complement your professional background and help you succeed.
  • Stuck in a Rut? The jewellery industry can be breathtaking, but many people are pigeon-holed into a position they are not passionate about and lose interest. The IDJ broad range of courses can help you explore new avenues & ways to break out!
  • Knowledge is power, and the confidence to know how and when to use that knowledge to close a sale, execute a marketing plan or design a perfect piece of jewellery will help you excel in your professional endeavours.


As a jewellery designer,one can specialise in any particular aspect of jewellery designing. Following are different names given to varied specialisations and their different roles:

  • Jewellery designer or artist: A professional whose primary responsibility is ideating new jewellery designs and then rendering or drawing those designs
  • Fashion Jewellery Designer or Artist
  • Goldsmith: Expert in making any standard or traditional range of jewellery
  • Fashion jeweller: One who specialises in designing jewellery for the fashion industry
  • Manufacturer: Runs either a small unit or a mass production house. Markets their own line of branded jewellery
  • Merchandiser
  • Marketing, Sales Professional, Branch Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Repair person: A professional who specialises in the art of mending various jewellery products or accessories
  • Lapidary: An expert in setting of precious and semi-precious stones in various jewellery products


Certificate & Diploma programmes in jewellery designing are offered at VISTAS - IDJ, Chennai, India. These courses are open to students after completion of 10th grade or graduation in any stream.


If you are a person with a fair sense of design and creative imagination and have the skills to understand latest trends with sound technical knowledge, then this is a right career option for you. You can learn everything while getting trained at VISTAS - IDJ.


The boom in the gems and jewellery industry has brought innumerable employment opportunities for jewellery designers. After the successful completion of your course, you can easily find vacancies in this industry. You can also start your own freelance designing business or set up your own retail and trading unit. IDJ will take give the student the best of job in National and International market after they complete the course successfully with merits.


Hot job opportunities and lucrative salaries make it just the perfect time to consider jewellery designing as a career option. Pay packet of a jewellery designer can differ depending on the education and experience.


Jewellery designing is a growing sector of the Indian economy and it earns a lot of foreign exchange for our country. Moreover, in India, people have become more conscious about the jewellery they wear, it’s no more a mere investment but a style statement and this has lead to a great demand for creative hands who can design jewellery for different moods and occasions.

As a result, many institutions have come up for jewellery designing to supply high-quality professionals and to fulfil the unending demand for expert jewellery designers.


Jewellery designing in India can be described as one the fastest growing industrial segments. India is known as biggest consumer of gold as it consumes 20% of the world gold consumption with the revenue of $13 billion.

A new breed of jewellery designers has emerged of late due to the rising market demand for branded ornaments. Employment opportunities for the professionals are 20 enormous in this field as the Indian gems and jewellery industry provides 1.3 million jobs to people across the country. And what’s more exciting is the fact the growth in this industry is expected to continue in the coming years.


The global fashion industry welcomes professionally qualified jewellery designers from across the world. There is a perpetual requirement of creative minds that can create designer jewellery and other fashion accessories for fashion shows and for fashion retailing.

With a good experience, you can find a lucrative job in an international jewellery export house or a jewellery designing firm.


  • New Technologies in Soft Wires
  • Stringing Pearls and Gems Incorporating Knots
  • Foundation Wirework Techniques
  • Advanced Wirework Techniques
  • Wire Component Creation
  • Wire Coiling
  • Jigs for Accurate Repeatable Wire Parts
  • Advanced Knotting Designs
  • Wire Wrapping Techniques
  • Fashion Jewellery with Single & Multiple Strands
  • Clay Usage Methods including Terracotta & Non Baking Air Dry Clay


Drafting tables / chairs / equipment form an integral part of a designer’s initiation into design. Being the first point of contact, the imagery is ever present in the designer’s mind. We have equipped our studios with very comfortable and well designed furniture and the general ambience is conducive for interaction and participation.


With warm, comfortable ambience; atmosphere conducive to learning; knowledgeable, accomplished faculty; one-to-one, personal attention students learn through interaction.

Theory / Lectures / Guest Seminars are interspersed with rigorous Studio exercises. Mode of learning is primarily in English with batch sizes not exceeding 12 students.


A well stocked and compact library of books, plans / layouts, journals and magazines and subscriptions to premier e-journals, students have at their finger tips the information and inspiration required to set them forth and hold their stead in the learning and design processes.


With a well equipped lab, computers with good processing and rendering capabilities and software specific to various design courses including some niche ones, students have an excellent platform to learn design thoroughly. Further there is always assistance at hand to help them through when required and one-to-one tutoring.


  • Dedicated Display Gallery
  • Model Making Area
  • 7.2 MBPS Connectivity & Wi-Fi

The world around us is of change and the world of jewellery is no exception. After more than a decade of passionate dedication to such a wide spanning, varied and creative sector of the industry and of all places to have the opportunity to do so in a city so dear to me, and so motivating to the Arts as Chennai.

I am proud to say that the curriculum has been designed and perfected over the years, to expose students to a varied yet interrelated workshops which gives each candidate the skills to enter the industry with confidence, either as a Jewellery Designer, Self Employed Studio Jeweller or as a Marketeer, Merchandiser or Sales Manager.

Our overall objectives are to build a strong foundation of technical skills and design ability, supplemented by a keen understanding of trends and styles that affect jewellery today. By combining these jewellery-related skills with a good understanding of business concepts such as merchandising, marketing, management and entrepreneurship, our students leave with the creativity, skill and ambition to succeed in the industry.

We welcome students from all backgrounds to this vibrant and exciting city, and hope that by affronting a lack of knowledge and understanding about the wealth of non-traditional jewellery making techniques, materials and styles... we will be able to prepare them to enter with strength and character into new niche markets in which they will leave their mark on this world.

- Bathul Fathima [ Founder, IDJ ]


Our programmes & workshops recognise the value of a design education as a platform for many forms of employment, entrepreneurship, further study, research, creative practice, and self-fulfilment. The workshops encourage the development of communication ability, self-awareness, self-motivation, team working, intellectual curiosity, research skills and personal reflection to support these roles.


Bathul Fathima has 12 years of international experience in the United States & South East Asia focusing on the operational issues associated with jewellery retail in a variety of environments from small-scale designers developing to commercial retail in department stores, independent retail, consignment and internet models. With a passion for retail systems and management and an interest in sales psychology she enjoys observing how U.S, India and Singapore's successful (and failing) retailers operate and adapt. Besides her successful retail background, she is also an avid designer having developed a large collection (1000+) of ethnic and international designs. She has completed certifications in Jewellery design and making, International jewellery Import and export certifications and also holds an executive MBA in finance and banking. She designs exclusive jewellery for private clients and regularly represents her design collection at international jewellery exhibitions and Trade shows.

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